Intro to Zeritoicus (another excerpt from “Makeda & Pakaa”)

Zeritoicus is a planet orbiting Sirus C, it’s land masses are more like small islands then whole continents. Over 90% of the planet is an ocean. The Zeritoigans are an amphibious people, who can direct thoughts and communicate with each other underwater with no words. A highly empathic people, it’s both one of their greatest strengths and weaknesses. They feel each other’s pain and share in each other’s joy, just by swimming or walking close enough to each other. With a touch they can transmit mental images, memories, desires, anything. While so many other planets in the sector looked to stars for other worlds, the Zeritoigans went to the depths of their own oceans in a way most never have. Continue reading

Time Travel 101 :: Part 2


Time travel 101: Now is now. Here is here . Everything else is theoretical bullshit until it’s not anymore.

So, why am I here now ? or should I say, “Why am I now here? “. That’s sort of complicated to answer because there is usually more than one of “me” here and I could have any number of agendas. At any given point there may be a dozen or so of “me” between the years 1997 and 2019 although I mostly live and work in 2089 as a scientist and defender of the Nile State. My primary purpose for traveling to this current era is to manage the acquisition of natural resources necessary for Light Travel, the most important of which is copper. By the year 2083  all of the Earth’s copper has been depleted.

I have  convinced several thousand people from your era  to acquire it for me. I pay them , no questions asked (most of the time). Some people have gone to unimaginable lengths to get it for me, and I’m not very proud of that.  It can get downright dangerous . Even  I haven’t always survived this mission. Going to your own funeral more than once is surreal to say the least. I am the 3rd sequence, second in command…ok I’m not going to get into this now, but I will say this : the sayings about  “know thy self” and “being your own worst enemy” have a meaning to me that scares most people. Continue reading


Hitched a ride on this comet last week. Fun!

Makeda & Pakaa (excerpt)

poster by Cesar MaxitGondar, The Nile States: 2052 AD, (Earth time)

Leaving home and not knowing when, or if, she’d return was nothing new to her. Her parents had been displaced like their parents before them. It was a cycle she couldn’t see any way out of, so in a way, to make her ancestors proud, she volunteered for the journey. In her mind the future of humanity depended on this.

The corporate-governments of the world had been bleeding the Earth of it’s resources with no regard to the future for centuries now. The privatization of the space exploration industry at once both expanded the field and crushed it’s potential to be something beneficial for all. From the Nile States, this was the first “people-powered” intergalactic space flight in history. Continue reading


The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence is out there. Making moves. Looking for our spacecraft. Looking for us……

Captain’s Log: Askala Bilaq

I can’t believe they said we stole the ship. Steal? Really? I built the damn thing. I’m flattered that they grew so attached to it. You look at something for a few thousand years and you think it’s yours, people are funny like that… shit, even people who aren’t technically “people” are funny like that. I’m getting ahead of myself.

When you tell folks you’re a “time traveler” from the “future”, they tend to jump to all sorts of conclusions. Continue reading

SPECIES PROFILE: The KoAhn (Ko Ai’s Peoples)

The KoAhn species emerged in the early days of the universe, shortly after the time of the Big Bang itself. Born of supernovas, they are a mysterious race about whom little is objectively known, but much speculated (and more often gossiped) about.

Physical Form:

The KoAhn’s unique ability to shape shift between both particle and wave form allows them to be physical or electromagnetic at will. Tangible or invisible. Embodied or abstract. They play with the matter energy dichotomy, and can take on physical characteristics and facial features of their choice and mood, though they do tend to settle on one general look for the purposes of ease and convenience. Continue reading