…2 days to go… New single: Kármán Line.

The Karman Line is the altitude at which an aircraft or a spacecraft no longer can use wings. At that altitude the atmosphere is so thin, that the speed required to use the lift force of the wing is enough for the aircraft to just orbit like a wingless satellite. It’s approximately 100km above sea level.

…3 days to go! New single: Mahalia Einstein

This tune is an interpretation of the relationship between Mahalia Jackson and Albert Einstein. The two were friends, and Jackson would stay with Einstein whenever she performed at the then-segregated Princeton (where he a professor) and she was refused accommodation. We imagine the kind of love that could exist between two people who embodied infinity through such different, yet resonant paths.

Stories – new single premiere with 5 days to go.

The countdown has started. There are 5 days left before the landing. Starting now we will release a new single every day until we land the spaceship at an unspecified location on Tuesday April 17.

The stories on your body will shine.