CopperWire on the Jay Smooth’s Underground Railroad

Last week, we got a chance to join Jay Smooth on his show the Underground Railroad, New York’s longest running hip-hop radio hour. It was a blast and an honor to share the show with Pittsburgh emcee Jasiri X (who we’ve been wanting to meet for a long time), as well as with Jay’s tribute to Kiss FM, the New York station that was turning their dial to the off button as of last week. Check out our live in-studio performance here:

And for those of you who haven’t checked out Jay Smooth’s blog,, you must. His commentary is funny, insightful, and straight up educational. We hope to be back on WBAI soooooooon!

MTV Iggy Feature…

MTV Iggy gave us a great little write up on its blog….Thanks y’all!

When three artists from the West Coast combine their shared Ethiopian roots and colorful solo careers, the end result is electric. For Meklit Hadero, Gabriel Teodros, and Burntface, aka Ellias Fullmore, a highly conductive hip-hop outfit aptly named CopperWire was born. The trio formed the band during a trip to East Africa — Meklit dropping vocal improvisations over the beats of Gabriel and Burntface — and from those organic beginnings comes their debut album Earthbound, out today.

Defined by the band as a hip-hop space opera, the trio’s debut record takes the talent from each member and forms a collective music that is truly out of this world. With sounds from actual stars (seriously, they joined forces with NASA) to Meklit’s dreamy vocal melodies and Burntface’s ethereal soundscapes, the group takes listeners on an extra-terrestrial, hip-hop-flavored journey.

Listen to Getazia 13 Zeritoicus-Oxygen (Gabriel), Professor Askala Bilaq (Burntface), and Ko Ai (Meklit), embody their Sci-Fi alter egos in the single “Phone Home.”

Click here to learn more!

Phone Home Video Premiers on OkayAfrica!

Here it is! The video for “Phone Home”, premiered yesterday on It features footage of the first ever hip-hop shows in Gondar and Harar, Ethiopia and NASA recordings of the cosmos. The music video also boasts appearances by Ethio-Jazz godfather Mulatu Astatke, and musicians Kaid and Saba Kahsay. Look out earthlings.

SF Chronicle Calls Earthbound a “brilliant first album….”

Upholding her reputation as one of our most eclectic R&B stars-in-waiting, San Francisco singer-songwriter Meklit Hadero’s latest project finds her playing lead in a self-proclaimed Ethiopian hip-hop space opera. Working with rapper Gabriel Teodros and producer Burntface under the collective name Copperwire, on its brilliant first album, “Earthbound,” the group aims up to update the far-out grooves of Sun Ra and George Clinton’s Funkadelic/Parliament through skittering club beats, lush strings and sound effects courtesy of NASA. The jazzy undercurrents of Hadero’s solo work find their way into daring compositions like “Wake Up” and “Phone Home,” giving the trio’s unruly future funk the extra emotional kick it needs to send it into orbit.


Phone Home Lyrics….

I traveled on a bridge of glass and light
Four million miles through my eyes
Jupiter, your body made of storms
Midnight’s second star
You are, you are
Real as the rocks that I walk across
As the leaves at autumn’s feet
As the pomegranate is sweet
As the blast of this beat

Phone home! Phone home! ET Phone home!Phone home!

What you think we do all day, swat flies?
We got two ways and flip phones
Shipped in from Dubai
Hit my little cousin Faf, crazy
He’s crazy on the skpe
They got high speed in Addis
Busting raps on the skype
Held a laptop out the window
Tried to show him another life
One day, he’ll see his sister my father raised half her life Continue reading

Phone Home Remi (x) App is LIVE!


That’s the number of remixes the hip-hop trio CopperWire has for the song “Phone Home”, the lead single from their debut album Earthbound.

The remixes are all part of the new Phone Home Remi (x) App, a free iPhone (and soon-to-be Android) app available TODAY April 3rd and created by Oakland-based AppSynth Media. Each remix is customizable by phone number. It’s like a beat jukebox game with endless possibilities…. almost two million of them anyway. The innovative app turns one song into an interactive piece of music, and chances are you may never hear the tune the same way twice, redefining the way a single is released in the digital age. But the same number means the same version. So try out different remixes and find the ones you like. Maybe your mom’s phone number is the best? Maybe your ex-boyfriend’s? Maybe AT&T customer service? Continue reading

Aliens in the basement…

We stopped by Virachocha twice in the last week….. Aliens in the basement indeed!


Hitched a ride on this comet last week. Fun!