“making science fiction real”

“We’re making science fiction real”. That was all Scholar Black and me heard the head of the NASA Ames Research Center say as we were walking around taking pictures. “If I told you that I came from the stars/ would you think I was lying?”  Check the moon rocks. And our fly new outfits. We gave NASA a few pointers before we jetted back to 2089. We’ll be back to you so soon tho you won’t even know we left!

Intro to Zeritoicus (another excerpt from “Makeda & Pakaa”)

Zeritoicus is a planet orbiting Sirus C, it’s land masses are more like small islands then whole continents. Over 90% of the planet is an ocean. The Zeritoigans are an amphibious people, who can direct thoughts and communicate with each other underwater with no words. A highly empathic people, it’s both one of their greatest strengths and weaknesses. They feel each other’s pain and share in each other’s joy, just by swimming or walking close enough to each other. With a touch they can transmit mental images, memories, desires, anything. While so many other planets in the sector looked to stars for other worlds, the Zeritoigans went to the depths of their own oceans in a way most never have. Continue reading

Makeda & Pakaa (excerpt)

poster by Cesar MaxitGondar, The Nile States: 2052 AD, (Earth time)

Leaving home and not knowing when, or if, she’d return was nothing new to her. Her parents had been displaced like their parents before them. It was a cycle she couldn’t see any way out of, so in a way, to make her ancestors proud, she volunteered for the journey. In her mind the future of humanity depended on this.

The corporate-governments of the world had been bleeding the Earth of it’s resources with no regard to the future for centuries now. The privatization of the space exploration industry at once both expanded the field and crushed it’s potential to be something beneficial for all. From the Nile States, this was the first “people-powered” intergalactic space flight in history. Continue reading