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MTV Iggy gave us a great little write up on its blog….Thanks y’all!

When three artists from the West Coast combine their shared Ethiopian roots and colorful solo careers, the end result is electric. For Meklit Hadero, Gabriel Teodros, and Burntface, aka Ellias Fullmore, a highly conductive hip-hop outfit aptly named CopperWire was born. The trio formed the band during a trip to East Africa — Meklit dropping vocal improvisations over the beats of Gabriel and Burntface — and from those organic beginnings comes their debut album Earthbound, out today.

Defined by the band as a hip-hop space opera, the trio’s debut record takes the talent from each member and forms a collective music that is truly out of this world. With sounds from actual stars (seriously, they joined forces with NASA) to Meklit’s dreamy vocal melodies and Burntface’s ethereal soundscapes, the group takes listeners on an extra-terrestrial, hip-hop-flavored journey.

Listen to Getazia 13 Zeritoicus-Oxygen (Gabriel), Professor Askala Bilaq (Burntface), and Ko Ai (Meklit), embody their Sci-Fi alter egos in the single “Phone Home.”

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