Phone Home Lyrics….

I traveled on a bridge of glass and light
Four million miles through my eyes
Jupiter, your body made of storms
Midnight’s second star
You are, you are
Real as the rocks that I walk across
As the leaves at autumn’s feet
As the pomegranate is sweet
As the blast of this beat

Phone home! Phone home! ET Phone home!Phone home!

What you think we do all day, swat flies?
We got two ways and flip phones
Shipped in from Dubai
Hit my little cousin Faf, crazy
He’s crazy on the skpe
They got high speed in Addis
Busting raps on the skype
Held a laptop out the window
Tried to show him another life
One day, he’ll see his sister my father raised half her life
I told him keep on spitting
Email tracks like a kite
Take advantage of the time difference
Make tracks overnight
Divine wisdom is the prism that’s refracting the light
They say I’m a rapper
Cause my packing’s tight
Send a package to Africa,
I’ll bring it back on a flight
That’s right
I’ll bring it back on a flight.

Phone home! Phone home! ET Phone home! Phone home!

You can tell, I’m an earthling that’s on a new planet and shit…

Life on a planet that never understood
All of us ET, chill in one hood
Half of me “Exo”, harder to breath
Home is a dream I ain’t seen this life though
Traveling microphone to your mind
Following spirit like vision is blind
I’m a light like a star shine bright from the outside
And lines that connect us all
I’m a call y’all all when the song transmits
And this signal to the lost can’t quit
This thought you not alone
We roam, don’t own our homes through galaxies and zones
And seasons gone as fast as you could think or blink up at em
Fam I couldn’t live without em,
So I take the time to holler at em

Phone home! Phone home! Phone home! ET Phone home!

Drop it like we never left
Connect with fam that we never met
On the continent we got hella friends
Around the planet many flavors blend
The birth place of the first human
Earth to space I’ve been searching and
I can’t find my way home……..

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