Captain’s Log: Askala Bilaq

I can’t believe they said we stole the ship. Steal? Really? I built the damn thing. I’m flattered that they grew so attached to it. You look at something for a few thousand years and you think it’s yours, people are funny like that… shit, even people who aren’t technically “people” are funny like that. I’m getting ahead of myself.

When you tell folks you’re a “time traveler” from the “future”, they tend to jump to all sorts of conclusions. If I ever have to say “I’m a time traveler” out loud, you can bet shit has already hit the proverbial fan. Trust, I’d rather you think I’m crazy than take the time to humor some geeky twerp in a discussion about rudimentary quantum mechanics.

If I ever tell someone what I do, it’s to soothe my own conscience – not because I’m trying to convince you, or even care what you think. By the time it becomes necessary for me to say anything, something profound has already been altered. Your life will never be what it was going to be (for better or worse), and as matter of principle, I think you have a right to know why. Whether you believe me or not is a matter of no consequence. Belief and knowledge are not the same.

Every once in a while, I encounter a genuinely curious person who wants to know how I “travel through time”. Sometimes I get the argumentative types that find it hard to believe that the “linear time line” is an illusion. A useful one… but an illusion nonetheless. It’s really not that hard to grasp: it’s always “now” somewhere. And it’s never not been that way. Every culture on the planet seemed to understand that – except yours.

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